Days 7–8 From Livingstone/Mukuni to Lusaka. From village to city.

It took us 8 hours on the bus to reach Lusaka from Livingstone yesterday, but we are excited to be here. The bustling city could not be more different from rural Mukuni village.
We had a lovely first day at the Ngmoa Dolce Music Academy (Zambia’s first full-time music academy). We met the teachers and some of the young students in their Youth Orchestra.  Everyone was friendly, welcoming and eager to learn.
Here is the Academy’s new purpose-built facility.
After establishing a rather loose timetable for the week, we set about giving piano and singing lessons to the teachers, many of whom are self taught. It became clear that sight reading and keeping a steady beat are going to be some of our main focusses this week!
In the evening we attended a rehearsal of the Lusaka Music Society, an amateur choir made up of many different nationalities living in Lusaka. We worked on some movements of Haydn The Creation, thinking about breathing together and getting consonants exactly on the beat.
We’re looking forward to the varied week ahead!

One thought on “Days 7–8 From Livingstone/Mukuni to Lusaka. From village to city.

  1. Tim, It looks like you are having an amazing impact. I loved the video of lean on me and you are clearly enjoying your time. It is great to see you using your talents in such a brilliant way. 🙂


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